The guards are not only stylish accessories, but also comfortable and safe harnesses. Their design is recommended by vets and orthopaedists as they do not press on the dog's sensitive trachea and distribute the forces evenly. Our guards are easy to put on because of the two buckles on the strap around the chest. The buckles balance their weight without twisting the harness on the dog's body. Due to the fact that our fittings are metal the guards are available from size S having 20mm, as two metal buckles could be too heavy for smaller dogs. For puppies we recommend a non-compression or step-in harnesses. Thanks to the fact that the print is made directly on the tape, the harness is easy to keep clean.

Important: In each type of harness, the adjustment may vary due to the different design. Hand washing recommended, as machine washing may damage the metal parts.

  A B C D
S 38-32 cm 55-35 cm 20-14 cm 10 cm
M 48-38 cm 65-40 cm 22-15 cm 13 cm
L 58-42 cm 85-50 cm 25-19 cm 15 cm
XL 80-55 cm 110-80 cm 28-21 cm 17 cm

L, M, S, XL


15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm

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